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Warzone Juggernaut Glitch, Unlimited Juggernaut, Warzone

Warzone Juggernaut Glitch, Unlimited Juggernaut, Warzone

The addition of the Juggernaut to Warzone has been a hot topic of conversation among the community. Players have managed to find a glitch which sees 14 Juggernauts on the map at the same time!

Warzone Juggernaut Glitch, Unlimited Juggernaut, Warzone

Either too easy to find or far too complicated to kill, Juggernauts are a real problem in Call of Duty: Warzone.

A complex glitch has been uncovered which spawns up to 14 Juggernauts in the match.

Since the Juggernaut has been added into Warzone, it has been met with widespread backlash from players and streamers, saying that it is far too overpowered.

Until this glitch is fixed, Juggernauts aren't leaving the streets of Verdansk anytime soon.

According to Cable44, it's a complex glitch that requires excellent timing.

Given the chaos that it can bring, it will be no surprise that a lot of people are willing to waste time to make a significant number of Juggernauts appear on the map.

Infinity Ward has yet to comment on the issue and until the issue is fixed, this particular glitch joins the lack of anti-cheat as one of the main issues in the battle royale.

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