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Warzone: Complete List of Bunker Codes

Warzone: Complete List of Bunker Codes

Want to access the Bunkers without searching for the code? Find all the codes for the treasure troves in this article!

Warzone: Complete List of Bunker Codes

Bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone often contain Legendary weapon blueprints along with other useful items to help you on your quest to conquer Verdansk.

Bunkers are located in various locations on the map and require a code to step inside.

Instead of frantically searching around for the codes, we have collected all of the bunker codes for your convenience!

Find the codes below:

  • Bunker Prison: 72-94-85-31
  • Bunker Farmland: 49-28-51-63
  • Bunker Junkyard South: 97-26-41-38
  • Bunker Junkyard North (Gora Dam): 87-62-48-51
  • Bunker Park: 60-27-45-13
  • Bunker TV Station: 27-49-58-10

Some of the bunkers only require a Red Access Card, which means you won't need a code to enter it.

As we move towards the release of Season One for Black Ops Cold War, it is unclear as to what will happen to the current Warzone map. With a nuclear weapon inside one of the bunkers, will we finally see some sort of in-game event? We will have to wait and see.


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