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When is Zhongli coming to Genshin Impact?

When is Zhongli coming to Genshin Impact?

Zhongli is coming soon to the sensational game Genshin Impact, but will it reveal all of its secrets? Trace the history of this character expected by the players.

When is Zhongli coming to Genshin Impact?

In this article, we will come back to the character of Zhongli, this mysterious 5 stars possessing a Geo vision. Between his discovery and the first leaks about him, Zhongli has built up a certain fan base, like most major characters.

Zhongli, from the discovery of the leaks to the official reveal

Let's start with a homecoming with the arrival of the first images on the hero, which are followed by the leaks revealing information about Zhongli. Among these, we find constellations, passives or skills. These leaks arrived through the beta of 1.1 from the beginning of October, only a week after the release of the global version of the game. We then had to wait until the end of October to have the formalization of the new characters including the Geo lancer.

Zhongli, tell us your story

Now let's talk about his story and his encounter with the traveler in the Genshin Impact script.

During your journey in the Liyue region, you will meet him a good number of times, especially with a certain Tartaglia. Placed at the heart of the history of Liyue Harbor as a consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral Home and conducting rituals, he has an excellent memory and exceptional knowledge. It's nicknamed the living encyclopedia.

Zhongli is still someone who loves to wander the streets of Liyue when the weather permits, and he enjoys a drink called osmanthus wine. Be careful, however, to respect your contracts because Zhongli attaches a lot of importance to promises and their equity. And to reveal a little more details about its history, here is a trailer telling a part of its past.

Character information


Vision: Geo

Weapon: Polearm (spear)

Favorite drink: Omanthus wine

Leisure: Stroll through the streets of Liyue port

Normal Attack: Rain of Stone

Elemental Skill: Dominus lapidis

Elemental Burst: Planet Befall

Let's look at each attack in detail with the information we have on the game's official website.

Normal Attack: Rain of Stone

  • Basic attack: Zhongli performs up to 6 rapid strikes.
  • Charged Attack: Zhongli rushes straight ahead and rains spears in his path, consuming part of his stamina gauge.

Elementary Skill: Dominus Lapidis

  • Single tap: Zhongli summons a rocky ridge dealing Geo attribute area damage. The backbone resonates with the other Geo constructions. The rock cluster intermittently releases the original stone echo, inflicting Geo damage to nearby enemies. Like all Geo constructions, it can be climbed and destroyed. You can only have one in place.
  • Long press: Explodes the Geo element in the vicinity to create a shield that absorbs damage proportional to Zhongli's maximum health. This shield is 250% effective against Geo damage and inflicts area geo damage. The shield can also absorb the Geo element of two targets affected by this element.

Elemental Rampage: Planet Befall

  • Zhongli summons a giant meteor that deals area damage and petrifies enemies in the impact area.

When will he be available in the game?

Zhongli isn't yet available but his banner will be soon. You will therefore need to arm yourself with a little patience before trying your luck.

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Original content by Donovan"ZeroAk" Plault.


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