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PUBG: Team Veritas dominate Day 1 of PCS3 NA

PUBG: Team Veritas dominate Day 1 of PCS3 NA

Team Vertias overcame NA powerhouses Soniqs and Oath on Day 1 of PCS3 North America, building a sizeable 11-point lead.

PUBG: Team Veritas dominate Day 1 of PCS3 NA

The PUBG Contintental Series 3 tournament kicked off in North America last night, and despite two of the biggest teams starting strongly, it was another that claimed the end-of-day spoils — Team Veritas.

PCS3 NA — Match 1 Results

Traditionally one of the stronger teams in North America, PCS Charity Showdown winners Oath Gaming absolutely dominated Match 1 of PCS3 NA. They ended with 13 kills — the only team to reach double figures — as Balefrost and PAT_KAPS led the team to a solid 23-point game.

NA giants Susquehanna Soniqs claimed second on the points table, tying with Team Veritas.


PCS3 NA — Match 2 Results

Match 2 was a closer affair, with Duel edging out Soniqs for an 18-point chicken dinner. Linksy led the way on damage dealt for the winners, with Zenith E-Sports' player Poonage claiming the top fragger crown. 

Oath managed another high finish, scoring double digits to keep the pressure up at the top of the table.


PCS3 NA — Match 3 Results

Match 3 was a total blowout. Team Veritas went absolutely ballistic, claiming 19 kills and the chicken dinner. DTreats led the frag chart from teammates Keenan and Jazza, highlighting their dominance in the massive 29-point haul. 

No other team managed a double-digit game, with Zenith and Shoot to Kill claiming 9 points apiece.



PCS3 NA — Match 4 Results

Another solid performance saw Veritas claim their third podium finish of the day, but the top two positions were filled by Houston Hardshifts and dinner winners Dodge. 

Much of the work was done by DannyG and adam, but it was the Hardshifts' Lobes who secured the most kills.



PCS3 NA Standings — Day 1

Despite an abysmal Match 2, in which Veritas finshed dead last with zero points, their mammoth Match 3 performance helped them build a commanding 11 point lead over the ever-reliable Soniqs. 

Oath sit just a point behind, while there's a further six-point gap to the rest of the chasing pack. led by Duel and Dodge.

The midfield teams will have to step it up on Day 2 if they're to break the top-three monopoly, but as there are still plenty of games to play, anything goes.

PUBG: PCS3 NA Standings - Day 1 - PUBG
PUBG: PCS3 NA Standings - Day 1

The PCS3 NA action resumes later tonight. Make sure to check out our guide for more info and where to watch!


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