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G2 Esports recruits Coop in Fortnite

G2 Esports recruits Coop in Fortnite

G2 Esports has announced the recruitment of a Fortnite player: Coop. This is the winner of the latest DreamHack Open of the North American server.

G2 Esports recruits Coop in Fortnite

Already present on many games, G2 Esports has long neglected Fortnite. With a strong international fanbase, many battle royale fans expressed disappointment at the lack of involvement of the organization with Epic Games.

Since December 2018, G2 Esports has had Kevin "Tohaj" Batic in its ranks — as a Fortnite host. Thanks to his consistent and impressive performances, his status has evolved and he has become a professional player.

However, Tohaj hasn't really been on the competitive scene since then.

It was with great excitement that the community discovered that Coop was joining the organization. He's one of the top players in North America, winning both the FNCS and the DreamHack Open.

The team is investing in a player who doesn't play in Europe. Is it a desire to bring the recruit to the G2 Gaming House to compete on the European server, or is it a dream of expansion? We'll probably know the answers to all our questions quite soon.

Original content by Maxime "Biaggi" Ricoveri.

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