Chapter 2, Season 4
Galactus is coming to Fortnite!

The threat of Galactus' arrival on Apollo Island had been looming. Now we can see the Marvel villain in the skies of Fortnite.

Galactus is coming to Fortnite!

Do we already know the next Marvel character to join Fortnite? To find out, simply raise your eyes to the sky of the archipelago: a luminous purple orb can be seen.

The wise observers are formal: it isn't a star. For some time now, the threat has hung over the upcoming arrival of Galactus. This threat has become reality and it's only a few days before his landing on Apollo Island.

If one doesn't clearly know his intentions, a simple glance at his history is enough to give big clues.

His original name is Galan, and he's a scientist from the planet Taa — already existing before the Big Bang. During this one, he would fuse with the consciousness of the universe and become Galactus.

Problem: to ensure his existence, he must consume the energy of living planets. His almost unlimited powers force him to consume stars all the time, earning him the nickname The Devourer of World.

To find out more about his intentions, there is only one solution: wait for his arrival on Apollo Island.

Original content by Maxime "Biaggi" Ricoveri.

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