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Fortnite glitch brings a teammate back to life from a car

Chapter 2, Season 4
Fortnite glitch brings a teammate back to life from a car

The latest glitch found in Fortnite allows players to revive an ally in a vehicle. Epic Games may patch this bug in a future update.

Fortnite glitch brings a teammate back to life from a car

Since their arrival, cars have been one of the best new features in Fortnite. From their popularity in the weekly challenges to the gaming options they offer, there is no doubt that they have been one of the additions that has delighted fans.

However, the latest glitch discovered can be somewhat of a real issue for the game. This new bug allows you to revive your allies without having to get out of the vehicle. This is a real advantage when it comes to getting good coverage and using the resuscitation vans in a much safer way than you would normally do.

All you have to do is stop the car very close to the van, get on the passenger seat and find the point where the camera allows us to press the button to start bringing your teammates back to life.

It remains to be seen if Epic Games agrees or not with this new mechanic. It doesn't seem to be a huge issue and they may decide to keep this new system in-game. If on the contrary they decide to patch the bug, it will certainly be done in the big update that will introduce the Halloween event into the battle royale.


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