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When is Seraphine, the new League of Legends champion, coming out?

When is Seraphine, the new League of Legends champion, coming out?

Seraphine has already been confirmed as the next League of Legends champion to hit the Rift, but when is she coming out? Read on!

When is Seraphine, the new League of Legends champion, coming out?

Seraphine is very possibly the League of Legends champion whose existence has been known for the longest time, through things like K/DA comics or Sera's social media accounts.

We now know she'll come in three different forms when she eventually lands — but the question on everyone's minds is when is Seraphine coming out in League of Legends?

Riot have already given us a starting date — Seraphine will hit the PBE tomorrow, October 13.

She'll remain there through the 10.22 cycle, being calibrated and tested to eliminate all possible bugs. Should all go as planned, she could hit the live server with the October 28 patch.

League of Legends

However, Riot are known to delay the release of new champions for a few days if they feel more time is needed. This happened with Yone, who took a couple of days to appear in the store, while Samira was delayed a week.

One interesting thing with Seraphine is that her public debut will be on October 31, as part of K/DA's Finals performance.

What we know of Seraphine is that she will be champion who can be played mid or support, and she will use a microphone as a weapon. She'll also have a platform on which she will move.

League of Legends' K/DA event starts on October 29

For weeks, Riot has been teasing the return of its virtual girl group K/DA — and now we know they will return to League of Legends on October 29.


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