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PUBG Corp reveals details of PCS3 Qualifiers and Grand FInal

PUBG Corp reveals details of PCS3 Qualifiers and Grand FInal

November will be a month packed with battle royale action, as the PUBG Continental Series returns across four regions.

PUBG Corp reveals details of PCS3 Qualifiers and Grand FInal

With PCS2 barely over, PUBG is moving swiftly onto its next global series, taking in the EU, NA, Asia, and APAC regions.

PCS3 will follow the same format that proved successful in the previous event, with 24 teams doing battle in the Group Stage of each region, aiming to claim one of 16 places in the Grand Final.

There, the teams will face 24 matches over six days of play, spread over three weekends. With each region benefitting from a $200,000 prize pool, it's a fight to the last for the lion's share.

Qualifiers begin next week, with the Finals beginning November 5.

The full Finals schedule can be seen below:


Bringing you all the action via the official Twitch and YouTube channels is a top-tier team of casting talent.

In Europe, the talent includes:

  • James 'Kaelaris' Carrol
  • Steven ‘Toffees’ Pierce
  • Martin ‘Avnqr’ Gøth
  • Patrick ‘Frosz’ lu
  • Tobias ‘TheNameIsToby’ Wiinblad
  • Richard ‘TheSimms’ Simms
  • Michael ‘hypoc’ Robins

Get involved and earn great rewards!

As with PCS2, fans can get involved via the Pick'Em challenge. Earn voting coupons by purchasing PCS3-exclusive items in the shop or through special drops during the broadcasts, and use them to select your overall winners.

If they succeed, you win big Esports Points, which can then be traded for more exclusive items!

All purchases of PCS3 event items helps to contribute to an increased prize pool, directly supporting your favourite teams and players.

Here's what's on offer:


With no team winning a PCS event twice this year, competition is fierce across the globe. Current champions are:

  • Asia: TSG
  • Europe: FaZe Clan
  • APAC: Divine Esports
  • NA: Soniqs

Will we see new champions come the end of November?

PUBG: PCS Champions - PUBG
PUBG: PCS Champions

PUBG Round-Up: FaZe Clan win PCS2 Europe, Divine take PCS2 APAC after tie

A busy week of PUBG action saw the final two regions close out their PCS2 events, with Europe being treated to yet another 'FaZe Sunday', Soniqs closing out an expected NA win, and Divine claiming the APAC crown by the skin of their teeth.


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