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FIFA 21: Next-gen compatibility

FIFA 21: Next-gen compatibility

We knew this from the EA Play which took place in July, but the question comes up frequently: What happens to my FUT 21 club when I move to the next generation of consoles? We have you covered!

FIFA 21: Next-gen compatibility

Many of you are wondering. "If I pre-ordered FIFA 21 on the PS5 or Xbox Series X, will I have to start my club over on FUT 21

As shown in the image below, FIFA 21, thanks to Dual Entitlement, will be available on PS5 if you have it on PS4. Obviously if you buy FIFA 21 in physical version, you will need a PS5 with a disk tray and not a digital PS5 to be able to insert your game disc.


Your progress in Ultimate Team Mode (FUT 21) will also be maintained, so you won't have to start your club all over again. If you pack an excellent player on PS4 rest assured, he will indeed be present on your account when switching to next-gen.

However, in view of the previous announcements, even if your club is kept, there is no crossplay planned. So you won't be able to play with your friends if they stayed on PS4.

This also applies to Microsoft consoles, the switch from Xbox One to Xbox Series X will be free.

The cheapest solution to the League and Nation Hybrid SBC

The first squad building challenges in FUT 21 pay off big. We will communicate here the least expensive solutions to carry out the League and Nation Hybrid SBC.


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