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FUT 21: FUT Champions overview, rewards, points, coins, packs

FUT 21: FUT Champions overview, rewards, points, coins, packs

Ultimate Team's competitive mode returns to FUT 21 and while there haven't been any major changes for this season, it's worth taking a look at how this mode works and how to qualify and what rewards are on offer.

FUT 21: FUT Champions overview, rewards, points, coins, packs

FUT Champions is where players have the opportunity to earn big rewards and have the chance to qualify for the FUT 21 Global Series.

There have been minimal changes to FUT Champions for FIFA 21, but it's always worth familiarizing yourself with the game mode ahead of its release on October 9th!

What is FUT Champions?

Four years ago, EA Sports launched its first online competitive mode on FIFA Ultimate Team, FUT Champions. The principle could not be simpler, each weekend, subject to qualification, you will have 30 matches to play and when the weekend ends, you are assigned a rank according to your results. This rank will determine your rewards. The ranking system is made up of 5 major ranks : Bronze, Silver, Gold, Elite and Top 100.


For two years now, knockout tournaments and online divisions have given way to Division Rivals which you will need to play during the week to accumulate FUT Champions Points which you will redeem for an entry token for a Weekend League of your choice

The season is long

FUT Champions takes place all year round. In fact, you will have the opportunity to improve as the season progresses, so do not be alarmed if for your first weekend your results do not meet your expectations.

Take advantage of the first weeks of play to determine which team will be your favorite and who will be your key players in your squad. Also remember to adjust your personalized tactics to complement your style of play.

Also try to take a step back to determine your strengths and weaknesses compared to opponents who will put you in difficulty. In FUT Champions everything is hard work, you will have to look far to achieve your goals. The Champions Channel will allow you to learn from the greatest players.

The rewards

Depending on how well you performed over a Weekend League, the rewards are a great way of bolstering your team with new players or to earn thousands of coins to get that one player you have been after for a while.

The higher you rank, the better rewards you get, and the better chance of scoring some extremely valuable cards!

Seasonal Goals on FUT 21

New in FIFA 20, the seasonal objectives will still be good and present on FIFA 21 and FUT 21, so here is a summary of them.


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