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League of Legends: Worlds 2020 Schedule & Results

League of Legends: Worlds 2020 Schedule & Results
Worlds 2020: Schedule & Results
  • Worlds 2020: Group Stage Results
  • Worlds 2020: Play-In Stage Results
  • Worlds 2020: Information & Format

Worlds 2020 is now under way! Check out the schedule and find all the results as the best teams from across the globe do battle to become League of Legends World Champions for 2020!

League of Legends: Worlds 2020 Schedule & Results

It's time — the League of Legends World Championship is finally here!

Twenty-two teams from twelve different leagues are competing in Shanghai to determine the best team in global League of Legends, and the coveted Summoner's Cup.

This year, all matches will be played behind closed doors due to the ongoing global pandemic. These are the key dates:

  • Play-In Stage: September 25-30
  • Main Event: October 3-31

Worlds 2020 Main Event

Fifteen days of competition spread over almost a month of play, the Worlds 2020 Main Event brings together the best sixteen teams to determine the best of them all.

Team Liquid, PSG Talon, LGD Gaming and Unicorns of Love join the direct qualifiers: find the full schedule below!


Saturday October 24, 2020


3 - 1

G2 Esports

Sunday October 25, 2020


3 - 1

Top Esports

Watch Live

Grand Final

Saturday October 31, 2020


02:00 PDT
05:00 EDT

10:00 BST

11:00 CEST


Quarterfinal Results

Thursday October 15, 2020


3 - 0


Friday October 16, 2020


3 - 1

JD Gaming

Saturday October 17, 2020

Top Esports

3 - 2


Sunday October 18, 2020


0 - 3

G2 Esports


Worlds 2020 Play-In Stage Standings

The Play-In Stage of the League of Legends World Championship is now complete, and we move on to the Worlds 2020 Main Event. Who will qualify for the knockout phase? Here are the current standings!

Nash Lumanggal 2 weeks ago


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Worlds 2020 Schedule & Results
Worlds 2020 Play-In Stage Standings
League of Legends: What is Worlds 2020?

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