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Valorant: Better map rotation is on the agenda

Valorant: Better map rotation is on the agenda

Riot Ziegler, Valorant Game Director, has announced some news that should please the community. Riot Games is currently thinking about a new system to prevent a player from playing on the same map too many times.

Valorant: Better map rotation is on the agenda

Since the release of Valorant, players only have access to four different maps: Split, Bind, Haven and Ascent. There isn't a lot of diversity and some games can become a bit monotonous, especially if they are played on the same map. This is a point that is regularly stressed by the community.

Riot Games has heard the critics and has indicated that it's working on a new system to avoid repetition. Currently, the probabilities are unknown but in all likelihood the map rotation is completely random. If it works on probabilities and events independent of each other, cases of repetition are possible.

Several hypotheses can be made about the solutions that are currently being explored:

  • Strict elimination: to eliminate from the rotation the previously played map — or the map played a predefined number of times.
  • Balance of probabilities: to bias the probabilities of the maps according to your history.
  • Predefined rotation: to assign a logical sequence in the rotation of the maps.

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Do you have a preference?

Valorant offers compensation after forgetting a weekly mission

Riot Games has just proposed compensation for next week, after forgetting a weekly mission (two instead of three). This allows him to take care of his image with the Valorant community.


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