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FIFA 21: Player ratings beginning to emerge

FIFA 21: Player ratings beginning to emerge

The top 100 players will officially be released at 10AM PST on September 10th, however some game ambassadors have already released their ratings.

FIFA 21: Player ratings beginning to emerge

While we eagerly await the ratings of the top 100 players in FIFA 21, ambassadors for the game have already began to show off their stats in the new game.

FIFA 21 Ambassador Ratings



Theo Hernandez


Joao felix


Once other ambassadors unveil their cards, we will update the article with the latest information.

Stay tuned for the latest FUT 21 news!

Finland licensed in FIFA 21

The announcements for FIFA 21 are pretty slow right now, but we've still found a little something for you while we wait for its official release on October 9.


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