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Valorant: compensation after forgetting a weekly mission

Valorant: compensation after forgetting a weekly mission

Riot Games has just proposed compensation for next week, after forgetting a weekly mission (two instead of three). This allows him to take care of his image with the Valorant community.

Valorant: compensation after forgetting a weekly mission

Valorant takes care of its communication towards its community. After having let pass an error that affected the weekly missions, the publisher announced compensations to repair it. Specifically, the game offered only two weekly missions instead of the usual three.

Riot Games offers to its players:

  • An additional mission for next week.
  • The mission for ultimate capacity has been reduced to 35 uses.
  • The additional mission will give 2,000 XP.

It isn't a huge announcement, but only a small gesture as it's tradition for some publishers after a mistake on their part. It improves the image of the game and allows players to grab a few extra rewards.

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