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Valorant: Viper Toxic Screen Bug

Valorant: Viper Toxic Screen Bug

Viper may be one of the least popular agents in Valorant, but she still has the right to have some issues. Players have discovered a rather confusing bug in Bind about her Toxic Screen ability.

Valorant: Viper Toxic Screen Bug

Viper isn't as problematic as Omen in terms of bugs in Valorant, but the community has discovered a glitch that can be misused on Bind. While the consequences aren't spectacular, they're still embarrassing and it's to be hoped that Riot Games will quickly solve the problem.

Viper's Toxic Screen ability takes the form of a wall of poison, which hides the line of sight — without stopping projectiles and bullets. First Viper throws diffusers on the floor in a straight line and then it can activate them to emit the wall of gas. If the base wall is relatively long, it doesn't make the whole map either and usually only partially controls a site bomb.

Except that with the bug discovered on Bind, the length of the wall doubles and it can cut the entire map. If it doesn't block agents or bullets, it's still quite disturbing. The exploit relies on the use of the teleporter — which leads from point A to point B — of the mid. When a player launches her diffusers in the teleporter, the teleporter resets the number of diffusers. This has the effect of doubling the length of the line.

Now that Riot Games is aware of this, we can imagine that the glitch doesn't take too be corrected. In the meantime, be careful if you come across the map in question.

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