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Valorant: SKADE signs the FABRIKEN team

Valorant: SKADE signs the FABRIKEN team

SKADE has decided to move into Valorant by recruiting the FABRIKEN roster. This is great news for LATEKS and his teammates, who were until now without an organization.

Valorant: SKADE signs the FABRIKEN team

You don't survive long in esports if you don't have an organization. Whatever their talent, players need multidimensional support.

The Valorant roster known until now as FABRIKEN can be happy. Without an org since its creation, the team has now signed with SKADE, the Norwegian esports organization. Already present within games such as CS:GO and FIFA, they've now added another string to their bow.

Oliwer "LATEKS" Fahlander, the team captain, must surely be even happier as one of the founding members of the FABRIKEN collective. While three of his former teammates have since signed with FunPlus Phoenix, he had been left out in the cold.

He had to put together a new competitive team, again made up entirely of Swedish talent. His efforts have been rewarded, and now he will be part of the SKADE adventure. He brings with him Linus "Limpone" Wecksell, Oskar "PHYRN" Palmqvist, Gabriel "shrew" Gessle and Andreas "Epzz" Vallvingskog, who was previously a stand-in for the team.

The roster participated in the Mandatory.GG Cup, but ended up putting in a rather disappointing performance. Hopefully, with the support of SKADE behind them, future tournaments will allow them to show what they're capable of.

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