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G2 Esports back on top as Ninja enters the Fall Guys x Special Effect charity auction

G2 Esports back on top as Ninja enters the Fall Guys x Special Effect charity auction

The European esports org seems really, really determined to win the Fall Guys x Special Effect charity auction, as superstar streamer Ninja entered the fray.

G2 Esports back on top as Ninja enters the Fall Guys x Special Effect charity auction


G2 Esports have overtaken Jon Paul Piques to become the highest bidder yet again, with a monstrous $330,003 pledge to Special Effect.


Things are certainly hotting up in the race to give awesome charity Special Effect tons of money, and get an avatar in the smash hit party game Fall Guys.

G2 Esports' reign at the top of the bidding didn't last long at all. Just seven hours after their bid of $130,003 landed, North American esports org beastcoast came in with a rather random figure of $133,769.

The war didn't stop there. G2 then went higher, dropping $135,003 to continue their meme-based dominance.

However, that bid didn't even make it a couple of hours before being usurped by one of the biggest names in gaming — Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.

His bid of $200k drew comments from bidders Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson and G2's owner, Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez, who challenge Ninja to a bidding war with a 'how far u wanna go' comment.

G2 must really, really want the Samurai in the hit party game, however, as Ninja's reign lasted barely fifteen minutes.

Of course, their bid had to follow a pattern — a mighty $203,003.

Then, a new bidder entered the arena,

Aim Lab, the popular aim-training game for Steam, dropped a bid of $210,069 to presumable add another (nice) meme to the bidding contest....

...before MrBeast upped the ante even further, raising matters to a sensible round figure of $300,000.

One has to wonder who's helping with this bid, whether discount-finding browser extension Honey or virtual trading app Quidd — perhaps we'll find out in a future video!

The final acknowledged bid came from actor and internet personality Jon Paul Piques, who dropped a cool $325,000 to lead proceedings at the close of Day 2.

With twelve more days to come before the contest ends, it feels inevitable that bidding will top the million-dollar mark. We're all following along, popcorn in hand!

G2 Esports leads the way in Fall Guys charity auction

Brands have been doing battle on social media ever since the developers of Fall Guys put out an offer to be represented in the hit party game, and benefit the Special Effect charity in the process.


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