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Valorant: 100 Thieves recruits nitr0 and changes its roster

Valorant: 100 Thieves recruits nitr0 and changes its roster

100 Thieves has decided to change its Valorant team by freeing up four players and recruiting former Team Liquid CS:GO player nitr0.

Valorant: 100 Thieves recruits nitr0 and changes its roster

100 Thieves has decided to recruit Nick "nitr0" Cannella for its Valorant team. He's a well-known face in esports, having played CS:GO for many years at the highest level, winning many titles with Team Liquid. He's trying a new challenge, in a new team and especially in a new game.

nitr0 is an experienced player who knows the demands and pressure of high-level competition. He has worn the colors of Team Liquid for five years and has played an important role in the development of the team.

He has an ideal profile for 100 Thieves and its Valorant project. In addition to his very high mechanical level, nitr0 will be able to accompany and form young recruts. He won't be alone in this mission as he will find another CS:GO former partner in the person of Spencer "Hiko" Martin.

Apart from Hiko, nitr0 has no other teammates at the moment. 100 Thieves has decided to part with four players who have failed to fulfil the hopes placed in them: Keane "Valliate" Alonso, Zachary "Venerated" Roach, Diondre "YaBoiDre" Bond and Alfred "Pride" Choi — all former Apex Legends players.

Hiko, as captain and headliner, is the only survivor who failed to make it past the qualifiers of the last two NA stages of the Valorant Ignition Series. At both the FaZe Clan Invitational and the PAX Arena Invitational, the team won only one match.

The identity of the three future teammates hasn't yet been revealed, but it should be noted that the organization already has a third player under contract in Hayden "Elevate" Krueger, former Fortnite player, who is currently on loan to beastcoast.

Luminosity Gaming recruits Mixup as its new Valorant roster

North American organizations are moving one after the other on Valorant. Luminosity Gaming didn't make a big mistake by signing a team already formed that has been playing online tournaments since the release of the game.


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