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FIFA 21: What's new in FUT 21

FIFA 21: What's new in FUT 21

The full Pitch Notes for FIFA 21's Ultimate Team mode are long and detailed, so here's a quick summary of what you'll find.

FIFA 21: What's new in FUT 21

In FIFA 21 and its new FUT 21 mode we will see:


— A Co-Op mode

This will allow you to play with your friends in Squad Battles, Division Rivals and Friendly Match.

— New types of events

Events related to the team you support or a community will be available.

— Stadium customization

The stadium customization goes even further - now you can change absolutely everything.

— Modification to Division Rivals

Now this will be 30 matches per week, and you will get Coin Rewards when promoted to a higher division.

— Expanded Top Leaderboards

In Team Battles and FUT Champions, the Top 100 becomes a Top 200.

— Meaningful Moments

Player boosts will be more targeted.

—Redesign of the game menus

The FUT mode menu has been revised to be more intuitive.

— Training and Fitness cards

Training and Fitness cards disappear entirely in FUT 21.

— The FUT 100

There are now 100 Icons.

The Pitch Notes are long and detailed. You can find all the information HERE.

FIFA 21 Gameplay Pitch Notes bring significant changes

For a little over two years now, EA Sports has gotten into the habit of explaining new features in more depth leading up to release. Here's a summary of what's included in the Pitch Notes to accompany gameplay changes in FIFA 21.


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