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Fall Guys: Team Fortress Scout Skin Comes To The Game

Fall Guys: Team Fortress Scout Skin Comes To The Game

The collaboration between Fall Guys and Valve continues! After a skin from Half Life, it's time for Scout of Team Fortress to enter the world of crazy mini-games.

Fall Guys: Team Fortress Scout Skin Comes To The Game

In just a few hours, a new skin will debut on Fall Guys.

Just announced on the official Twitter account, the collaboration between Valve and the Mediatonic game is going well. Indeed, after the Gordon Freeman skin of Half Life, it's the turn of the Scout of Team Fortress to come and try the mini-games.

This skin will be available in the in-game store of the game and will cost you a few crowns (price not yet defined).

Valve's first skin: Gordon Freeman of Half Life

This skin is no longer available for the moment. This is an exclusive skin for players who have pre-ordered Fall Guys.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Other collaborations approaching?

Since its release, many fans and brands have humorously tried their hand at possible collaborations with Fall Guys. If none has yet been truly accepted, there is no doubt that we will soon see wacky skins like the KFC chicken, or even very classy skins if CD Projekt accepts ...

So what collaboration would you like to see after Valve's?

Street Fighter League Season 3 revealed during SFV Summer Update

The professional Street Fighter League competition was announced with new teams.


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