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Valorant: T1 announces their Korean roster

Valorant: T1 announces their Korean roster

The famous organization is building a second roster for Riot Games' FPS — A vote of confidence in Valorant all the more impressive as the game is struggling to take root in Korea.

Valorant: T1 announces their Korean roster

Hosting multiple rosters on a single game is a relatively common practice among large Korean organizations. Samsung has notably developed its White and Blue squads side by side and even the prestigious SKT squad results from the merger of the SKT 1K and SKT 1S teams before rebranding into T1. Although they already have one Valorant roster, the club remained true to its promise and announced the creation of a second squad, entirely made up of Korean players.

The new representatives of the brand are called Esperanza, 10X, Frosted, Rok3T, and Sunday. They will be coached by Locomotive — which honestly has probably one of the best nicknames to carry this task.

T1 Korea joins the two squads already created for the Valorant scene by the brand: T1 which is made up of North American players and almost serving as a family reunion for former members of IBuyPower and T1 Academy, a 'second division' team including which goal is to cultivate talents and which for the time being also welcomes North American players.

The existence of T1 Korea is not obvious as Valorant is currently struggling to establish itself in Korea. Its appearance during a period when the population was discouraged from going to PC-Bangs, the incompatibility of its anti-cheat system "Vanguard" with the computers of these same places and the absence of a previously successful game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are all factors which help to explain the very weak start of Valorant in Korea.

Low start or not, with three squads T1 does not hide their interest in the game, and they aren't the only Korean to dive into the bath: Gen. G for example signed an all-Canadian team from the first days of the beta.


Former CS:GO player nitr0 to transition to Valorant

Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella recently retired from Team Liquid. While he has not yet communicated on the rest of his career, he would have decided to convert to the FPS of Riot Games.

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