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Valorant: Spike Rush could be the next game mode

Valorant: Spike Rush could be the next game mode

Valorant's next game mode, available as soon as it's officially released on June 2, may well be called "Spike Rush" and will test your speed.

Valorant: Spike Rush could be the next game mode

The date was announced at the Summer Game Fest: Riot Games' latest game, Valorant, will be out of beta on May 28 for an official launch on June 2. As good news never comes alone, the game's developers also confirmed that exclusive content will be available including a new agent, a new map and a new game mode.

Since then, rumors have been flying. While Ascent seems to be the next map and an image has already spoiled the eleventh agent, many players were hoping that the next game mode would be Deathmatch. However, it has been confirmed by Jared Berbach, Product Manager, that it won't be available immediately after the game's release.

That's when some recently datamined files come into play. Between the mention of a Quick Bomb game mode and the codename Spike Rush, it didn't take much more for players to imagine that they'll be playing it as early as June 2. While classic matches last 30-40 minutes on average, this more fun and less competitive mode could speed things up with games lasting only 8-12 minutes.

A buffs system, reminiscent of the one we were talking about in recent leaks, would be used. It would be based on orbs scattered around the four corners of the map, which would give players bonuses such as "Speed Boost" or "Health Regen".

It's not impossible that Valorant's teams will never release this game mode and that it was only a test during the closed beta. Either way, there are only a few days left to wait and see if Spike Rush will appear soon or not.

Valorant will have auto-banning systems

The developers of Valorant make it a point of honor to punish cheaters. Thus, the game will have auto-banning systems as soon as it's released on June 2.


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