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Valorant has announced a patch to correct hit registration issues

Valorant has announced a patch to correct hit registration issues

Last night, Riot Games announced the discovery of a bug impacting hit registration in Valorant. It will be fixed in a future update which date is still unknown.

Valorant has announced a patch to correct hit registration issues

Riot Games, the publisher of Valorant, announced last night the upcoming deployment of a patch to address an issue affecting hit registration by some players, especially those playing with low FPS.

Simply put, the developers were able to determine that the game is out of sync between the player and the servers, drastically impacting the gameplay. Even a small desynchronization makes all the difference in this type of game. It can lead to a mismatch that doesn't count balls and shots at the right time, undermining the fairness between players.

Some players even saw the sparks, an indicator of a headshot in-game, without any trace of it in the post-match damage report. Thinking that the opponent is dead, they stop shooting, becoming easy targets for the enemy who kills them without any effort.

This bug present since Patch 0.50 was discovered thanks to the numerous feedbacks that the community is making on social networks and via the in-game system. Even if the date is still unknown, there is no doubt that the patch will be deployed fairly quickly given the importance of this bug. This literally makes the game unplayable for many players.

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