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Myth and Hiko give their opinion on Valorant's matchmaking and ranking system

Myth and Hiko give their opinion on Valorant's matchmaking and ranking system

Valorant's Competitive mode was released just a few days ago, and yet it's already getting a lot of attention. The ranking system doesn't seem to suit everyone, especially Myth and Hiko — who have given their opinion on the matter.

Myth and Hiko give their opinion on Valorant's matchmaking and ranking system

Riot Games have finally released Competitive mode in the Valorant closed beta. Highly anticipated by players, its ranking system hasn't universally been accepted, and very little information about it has been given.

We don't know how many points we need to score to climb the ladder, or how much damage is significant in the points we earn, or whether or not scouting — with Sova's Recon Bolt or Cypher's Spycam for example — is really taken into account for less offensive-minded agents.


For Myth, the popular TSM streamer, one of the real issues is the fact that solo or duo players can come up against teams of five. During one of his streams, he confessed that he wanted to play in Competitive mode without having to go it alone in terms of dialogue with teammates.

Communication and timing being essential factors in the game, playing alone without knowing whether you'll be able to talk with your teammates — while the opposing team has the advantage of playing together — doesn't seem fair.


Myth even thinks that there should be two separate queues: a solo/duo queue, and a party queue. A similar system has already been implemented in League of Legends, with two separate ranked ladders for players. Hopefully Riot Games will react quickly.

This is also what Hiko, another popular CS:GO streamer on Twitch, is hoping for. According to him, Valorant's matchmaking deserves to be improved.

"I will say it’s a little annoying that you can queue solo in this game and play against parties of three, four or five."

Also, being able to play with a team of four when tagging solo doesn't help at all. Most of the time, those playing together use software like Discord to communicate, and not the in-game voice chat. Hiko adds that these kinds of problems exist in other games.

Professional CS:GO player Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz also tweeted on the subject, adding another major problem — cheaters.

It seems that Riot Games still has some work to do before Competitive mode satisfies most people. While waiting for changes to be made, it should still be noted that a first player has managed to reach the highest rank, Valorant.

Will others be able to keep up, despite the problems the game encounters?


Valorant finally reveals its competitive matchmaking

We finally have information on Valorant's upcoming competitive mode. Patch 0.49 will introduce ranked to the beta, starting with Europe and North America.


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