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Twitch has a new moderation tool to shadowban Trolls

Twitch has a new moderation tool to shadowban Trolls

Twitch seems to have made his arrangements in the fight against trolls. At least that's what Zach Bussey, a streamer from the platform, says.

Twitch has a new moderation tool to shadowban Trolls

With the multiple feedback from the community, Amazon's streaming platform had to act.

According to Zach Bussey, Twitch has deployed a new feature to effectively combat multi-recidivist trolls. Previously, the ban was the only solution to fight against chat trolls. The problem was that all they had to do was recreate an account to operate again. That's why the developers seem to have implemented the shadowban.

How does it work?

  • One person decides to troll a streamer and posts insulting messages in the chat room.
  • The streamer or one of its modos decides to ban him.
  • The sacrificer recreates an account to reoffend...
  • Now, Twitch detects it and proceeds to shadowban him.

Also, the Troll always sees his messages appear, but in reality neither the streamer, nor the modos, nor even the chat can see the message. A solution that will surely not stop the most determined, but will blunt their motivation faster than before.

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