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Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding

Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding

A new way to get on the back of monsters in Monster Hunter Rise allows you to control them in battle. Here is an introduction and a small guide to explain how it works.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you'll not only ride a Palamute but also get the Wyvern Riding! Let's see how It works.

How to ride a monster

You have to start by filling an invisible gauge in different ways:

  • With aerial attacks
  • With attacks that use Wirebugs
  • Using Wildlife and Natural Elements to damage or control the monster.
  • When it suffers damage while fighting another large monster

Once the gauge is full, the monster will fall to the ground and blue threads will appear. You can either attack it directly with your weapon, or press "A" with your weapon sheathed while being close to it. This will automatically trigger the following sequence.

Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding

Monster back combat

  • Once on the back of the monster, you can use him to take on another large monster with fast (X) or powerful (A) attacks, which will charge the large red gauge at the bottom center of the screen when you deal damage to a monster.
  • You can also dodge using (B), which will consume a charge of Wirebug. If your timing is good, this will also fill the gauge. You should know that the damage your mount takes reduces the time you can spend on it. The clock in the left corner of the bar shows the remaining time.
  • It is possible to walk around the map and cover large distances with your mount by holding down (R) and using the left directional stick. This allows you to pick up a monster to fight without having to be in the same area.
  • You can "throw" your mount forward with (Y). It will take damage and get knocked down if it hits an obstacle or another monster. By using (B) right after the impact, you can stay on the monster to continue the ride. This is useful if there are no other monsters to face.
  • When the red bar is full, you have a short moment to unleash a super attack by pressing (X) + (A), which will heavily damage your opponent. It will also knock you down. The good news is that if you've inflicted enough damage on the target, it shouldn't be too difficult to ride it back.
Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding
Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding - Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding

Original content by Robin "Raiden Robin" Bouquet

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