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How to complete the Revival Challenge in Warzone

How to complete the Revival Challenge in Warzone

Activision has revealed a brand-new challenge coming to Warzone. Here's how to complete the Revival Challenge.

How to complete the Revival Challenge in Warzone

As players continue to drop into the action, Warzone Season 3 is well underway. The publisher of the successful battle royale has unveiled details of a brand-new challenge arriving to the game to celebrate the Call of Duty Endowment Military Appreciation month. 

For every player that completes the challenge, Activision will donate $1 dollar to the Endowment fund which was created to help veterans across all of the armed forces.

Here's what the challenge entails and how to complete it.

How To Complete Warzone Revival Challenge

The process of completing this challenge is incredibly straightforward. Simply revive five players in Warzone by May 9th to unlock an exclusive calling card.

If one million players complete the challenge by May 9th, there will be a day of Double XP for the battle royale.

The challenge is for an extremely good cause so be sure to complete it!

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