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The best landing spots in Warzone Season 3

The best landing spots in Warzone Season 3

With a brand-new map, where are the best places to start a Warzone match?

The best landing spots in Warzone Season 3

Season 3 of Warzone marked a new era for the battle royale as Verdansk was transported all the way back to 1984. Now set in a new point in time, the main Warzone map has changed significantly from its modern-day counterpart, with a number of new points of interest to land at alongside the addition of brand-new weaponry.

With plenty of new places within the confines of Verdansk, selecting the best place to land can often determine the course of a match, meaning it's incredibly important to find the ideal places to land in order to outlast the chaos of the early-game.

So where exactly are the best places to land in Season 3?


Call of Duty: Warzone

The Verdansk Stadium has undergone significant changes thanks to its trip back in time. Construction is well underway and with no roof for campers to hide on, it's one of the more open points of interest to start a match at. 

With plenty of loot caches scattered across the pitch as well as in the seating areas, it's a good place to acquire some strong early-game weaponry to get some kills on the board. It's also a good place to find some Cash that can be used to purchase a Loadout Drop.


Call of Duty: Warzone

The Atlas Superstore has been a place associated with high-octane action for several months thanks to the area lending itself to close-quarters combat. Alongside the possibility of scoring plenty of kills and a wealth of Cash, the area is always populated with players looking to get their games off to a hot start.

The risk of landing and getting sent straight to the Gulag is incredibly high but the potential reward of scoring a load of kills along with stacks of Cash often outweighs the risk.

Be prepared for a fight if you land here!



Call of Duty: Warzone

As one of the new points of interest appearing on the map, Summit is one of the busier landing spots but with plenty of vehicles to quickly evade any of the action, it's a sure-fire spot to grab some early kills and loot before hopping into a Cargo Truck or Helicopter to continue the game.

With plenty of corners to hide in, weapons such as shotguns and SMGs are hot property in order to clear out the rooms and spend some time building a solid loadout.

The vehicles are the real party piece by landing at Summit. The potential of acquiring a chopper to navigate the map with ease often outweighs the loot available so if you are looking to land here, expect plenty of competition for the vehicles as opposed to some of the weaponry.

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