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How to jump into Warzone's ATC Tower without using the elevator

How to jump into Warzone's ATC Tower without using the elevator

The ATC is almost impossible to access. Here's how to perform a crafty jump to dodge the elevator altogether!

How to jump into Warzone's ATC Tower without using the elevator

Warzone Season 3 is well underway and players have been getting to grips with all that the new iteration of Verdansk has to offer, including managing to climb to the top of the satellite array which towers over the majority of the new map.

As players constantly look for positions and techniques to get the upper hand over their opponents, one Warzone player has discovered an ingenious jump that enables players to access the ATC tower at the airport without the need to use the elevator rappel line.

Here's how to complete the jump!

How To Jump Into The Top Of Warzone's ATC Tower

Warzone content creator BubzyBoi was first to discover this innovative technique, managing to climb to the top of a radio tower before gliding all the way into the top of the ATC.

Firstly, head to the northwest corner of the map close to Summit where a radio tower will be located near the boundary of the map. Climb the ladder, look south, and jump. Don't forget to pull the parachute immediately to glide all the way into the tower.

For a visual guide, Bubzy posted a video on how to do it! Check it out below.

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