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How to unlock the Sparks Operator in Warzone

How to unlock the Sparks Operator in Warzone

A new Operator is coming to Warzone. Here's how to unlock Sparks.

How to unlock the Sparks Operator in Warzone

As Season 2 Reloaded begins its final few weeks before the launch of Season 3 of Warzone, Activision has prematurely launched a brand-new Operator early. 

This isn't the first time that the publisher has accidentally launched content early. The NecroKing Mastercraft bundle was released ahead of schedule, much to the surprise of players. After a few hours, the bundle was pulled from the store and re-released at a later date.

The Sparks Operator Bundle suffered the same fate, being available to purchase for a few hours before disappearing from the store. 

Despite this, here's how to unlock the Operator as soon as it re-appears.

How To Unlock the Sparks Operator In Warzone

Unlike other Operator outfits, the process of unlocking Sparks is incredibly straightforward. 

When it appears within the Warzone store, head there and simply purchase it.

The bundle costs 2400 COD Points and is one of the more expensive offerings in the store. 

Alongside Sparks, players will also unlock two Legendary weapon blueprints as well as plenty of cosmetic items.

Sparks Warzone Operator Release Date

According to notable Call of Duty leaker @TailsDoll711, Sparks will be returning to the store on April 15th.

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