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How to get Easter Eggs in Warzone

How to get Easter Eggs in Warzone

Happy Easter! To celebrate, Raven Software has added Easter Eggs all over Verdansk. Find out how to get them in our guide.

How to get Easter Eggs in Warzone

Season 2 Reloaded for Call of Duty's incredibly popular battle royale, Warzone, is well underway.

As part of the Easter celebrations, developer Raven Software has implemented bundles of Easter Eggs across Verdansk as part of an upcoming event named "Easter Exfiltration."

Find out how to get your hands on these Easter Eggs and how to complete the contract in this guide!

How To Get Easter Eggs In Warzone

According to Call of Duty Easter Egg hunter GeekyPastimes, the baskets of Easter Eggs appear in locations where Supply Boxes would often be.

Players will know that they are near a basket thanks to the unusual sound it emits. Players can also interact with the basket to earn loot alongside a mysterious Golden Egg which is used to complete a contract.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Once the Golden Egg has been acquired, players must take it to a designated drop-off point somewhere on the map.

When the task has been completed, players will earn a wealth of cash alongside a blueprint that can only be obtained by completing other Easter Eggs within the battle royale.

One of the available blueprints is "Bay of Pigs" which could only be earned by participating in the Know Your History event which eventually revealed the first official trailer for Black Ops Cold War.

Check out GeekyPastime's full video on Warzone's Easter Eggs below!

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