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How to buy the RC-XD in Warzone

How to buy the RC-XD in Warzone

The RC-XD has been added to Warzone as a new Killstreak! Here's how to buy it.

How to buy the RC-XD in Warzone

Season 2 Reloaded has gone live across all platforms and has introduced a brand-new Killstreak into Warzone. 

For Black Ops fans, this particular Killstreak will be extremely familiar as the RC-XD makes its official debut in the battle royale.

Prior to Black Ops Cold War integration, the frame of the iconic remote-control car was found in a wooden shack, sparking the rumors that led to the eventual release of Black Ops Cold War back in November 2020.

Here's how to obtain the RC-XD in Warzone.

How To Get RC-XD In Warzone

The process of obtaining the RC-XD is extremely simple. 

Access one of the several Buy Stations across Verdansk and open up the buy menu. The RC-XD will appear at the bottom of the list, and for $3000, it's extremely reasonable.

Is It Good?

Before attempting to drive the RC-XD in between the wheels of a truck, it's important to be aware that the car will not detonate with a huge explosion.

When detonated, a small, yet incredibly lethal, cloud of toxic gas will be emitted, dealing plenty of damage to anyone standing in close proximity.

It's certainly a unique introduction into the battle royale, but I can't see it changing the metagame anytime soon.

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