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How to buy the Bombardment in Warzone

How to buy the Bombardment in Warzone

The Bombardment is a brand-new killstreak that has been added into Warzone. Find out how to earn the streak in our guide!

How to buy the Bombardment in Warzone

Season 2 Reloaded for Warzone is well underway and as part of the most recent update, a brand-new Killstreak has been added to the game. 

The Bombardment is used to deal a barrage of explosions onto a specific area of the map that has been visited by the Zombies.

Here's how to unlock the streak!

How to get the Bombardment on Warzone?

Follow these steps to acquire the Bombardment!

  1. Land close to where the Zombies are currently located.
  2. Once the 40th undead opponent has been killed, use the Yellow Access Card to open the loot box.
  3. One of the items that will appear from the box is the Protocol Access Card. Take it to one of the Containment Monitor Stations.
  4. Enter the buy menu and exchange the card to begin the bombardment.
Call of Duty: Warzone

What is Bombardment used for?

The description of this Killstreak indicates that players can summon a barrage of missiles on the areas affected by the outbreak.

The Bombardment ravages the area with a wealth of explosives and leaves no respite for any players as the missile bursts last well over 30 seconds.

If an opponent hasn't taken the time to hide, they'll find themselves heading to the Gulag in no time at all.

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