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When is the Weekly Reset Time in FFXIV?

When is the Weekly Reset Time in FFXIV?

When is it time to farm my tomestones again? Here is the schedule for the Weekly Reset Time in Final Fantasy XIV.

When is the Weekly Reset Time in FFXIV?

Be it the Fashion Report or your raid loot, some content in Final Fantasy XIV is limited by the weekly reset.

This happens every Tuesday at 1am PST, and here is a list of examples of content that is affected:

  • The weekly Tomestone cap (for the higher Tomestone tier).
  • Raid loot (one weapon token and one gear piece per boss per week for Eden, for example)
  • Khloe's Journal
  • The Fashion Report
  • Custom Deliveries

In addition to this reset, some other content resets independently on a weekly basis, such as the Jumbo Cactpot every Saturday in the Gold Saucer.

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