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Collect Predator rewards with the Fortnite Jungle Hunter Quests

Collect Predator rewards with the Fortnite Jungle Hunter Quests

The Fortnite Season 5 secret skin is none other than the Predator. You can now complete a series of challenges to get exclusive cosmetics related to the creature.

Collect Predator rewards with the Fortnite Jungle Hunter Quests

Contrary to what many connoisseurs thought at the launch of Season 5, the Mandalorian isn't the secret skin of this episode of Fortnite. The character from the Star Wars universe is simply the central bounty hunter of the season.

Instead, we've learned that a Predator skin will be unlockable through a series of missions. The good news is that some of these quests are now available!



Banner Icon - Fortnite
Banner Icon
Plasma Caster Reticle Emoticon - Fortnite
Plasma Caster Reticle Emoticon
Heat Vision Hunter Spray - Fortnite
Heat Vision Hunter Spray
The Hunt Loading Screen - Fortnite
The Hunt Loading Screen
Hunter's Trophy - Fortnite
Hunter's Trophy
Bio-Helmet Online Emote - Fortnite
Bio-Helmet Online Emote
Vautja Wristblades Harvesting Tool - Fortnite
Vautja Wristblades Harvesting Tool
Hunter's Arsenal Wrap - Fortnite
Hunter's Arsenal Wrap
Predator Outfit - Fortnite
Predator Outfit

A total of nine rewards will be available in the Jungle Hunter Quests. We estimate that there will be nine distinct challenges, probably spread over three weeks.

Original content by Romain "Zorg" Becquelin.

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