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FFXIV Guide: How to get Ovim Meat

FFXIV Guide: How to get Ovim Meat

Used to craft Grade 4 Skybuilders' Stew in Final Fantasy XIV during the fourth phase of the Ishgardian Restoration, here's how to get this rare meat.

FFXIV Guide: How to get Ovim Meat

The fourth phase of the Ishgardian Restoration introduced by patch 5.41 is underway in Final Fantasy XIV and some crafting items are harder to get than others.

If you're trying to craft some Grade 4 Skybuilders' Stew you will need to get some Ovim Meat and that can be quite a lot of work.

In fact,  this meat is only obtainable by killing a specific monster or by purchasing it from three NPCs.

The monsters you'll need to kill are called Ovim Billy or Ovim Nanny and are located in Amh Araeng (X:15.4 Y:13.8) and (X:14.2 Y:14.1).

You can also buy this meat from an NPC if you've participated in enough Shared FATEs:

  • Gramsol in The Crystarium (X:11.1 Y:13.6)
  • Pedronille in Eulmore (X:10.5 Y:12.2)
  • Halden in Amh Araeng (X:10.6 Y:17.1)
FFXIV Ovim Meat Farm Guide - Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV Ovim Meat Farm Guide

The item is also available on the market board, meaning you can either farm it for money during the high demand period or buy it if you're in a crafting hurry.

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