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Lol Wild Rift: Ezreal AD Carry Build Guide

Lol Wild Rift: Ezreal AD Carry Build Guide

Items, Runes, Summoner Spells, and Skill Order. Read on for all you need to know to play Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, in League of Legends Wild Rift.

Lol Wild Rift: Ezreal AD Carry Build Guide

Just picked up Ezreal in Wild Rift and need a few pointers? Fear not! Our guide on the Prodigal Explorer will help you master the botlane in no time at all.

Wild Rift



Gathering Storm


Manaflow Band

Ezreal is one of the rare ADCs that play more like a mage. This champion makes its name on constantly poking and harassing their his enemies with well-placed Mystic Shots. Ezreal's kit allows him to benefit from the bonuses offered by Kleptomancy without making any significant changes to his playstyle.

Gathering Storm allows AD Carries to become real threats in the late game, once teamfights are a frequent occurence.

In green, Loyalty offers both you and your support a nice defensive bonus that will come in handy during the laning phase.

At his core, Ezreal is a fairly mana-hungry champion, so the extra mana from Manaflow Band is very useful, and you'll barely have to go out of your way to get reach this rune's manacap.

Wild Rift


Here is the optimal skill order for Ezreal. Max out his abilities in the order outlined in the image below, though make sure you always rank up your ultimate whenever you can.

Wild Rift
Wild Rift

Summoner Spells

Wild Rift
Wild Rift
Wild Rift

Starting Items and Boots

Starting Item

Optimal Boots

Wild Rift

Main Items

The items you buy on the Rift will vary heavily from game to game, depending on what champions are on the enemy team. We've put together a list of the best items for Ezreal, ranked how effective they can be. Items in bold are essential purchases that you'll end up buying in most, if not all, of your games with this champion.

1. Manamune

2. Trinity Force

3. Death's Dance

4. Mortal Reminder

5. Enchant Boots - Quicksilver

Wild Rift

Tips and Tricks

  • The start-up animation for your ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, is rather lengthy. If you can, cast it from the brush or the Fog of War so that you don't give your opponent any time at all to dodge it.

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