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Fortnite Operation Snowfall: Catch a Snowy Flopper Challenge

Fortnite Operation Snowfall: Catch a Snowy Flopper Challenge

Catch a Snowy Flopper is the latest Operation Snowfall challenge in Season 5 of Chapter 2. Here's where to find them.

Fortnite Operation Snowfall: Catch a Snowy Flopper Challenge

This holiday season, a new series of challenges is available in Fortnite. These new quests, under the name of Operation Snowfall, will reward you with

The latest objective is to Catch a Snowy Flopper. This one is easy enough, so here's what you'll need to do.

The Map

For this challenge, we advise you to find a location with several features:

  • Surrounded by snow
  • Several schools of fish
  • Fishing tools — harpoon or rod — easily available

The location marked below is ideal. Land in at the building located on the island, collect your fishing equipment from the house or the pontoon next to it, and then peruse the many schools of fish around the island.

Remember to report to Snowmando to pick up the quest!


The Snowy Flopper freezes your feet when eaten. This effect is great for moving faster, but be warned, it's not easy to control!

Fortnite Season 5: Operation Snowdown Challenges

Fortnite's big Christmas event is called Operation Snowdown, and you'll unlock two skins for free, along with massive amounts of experience. We give you all the tips to succeed in the winter Battle Royale quests!


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