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Cyberpunk 2077 All Cyberpsycho Sightings locations

Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough, guides and tips
Cyberpunk 2077 All Cyberpsycho Sightings locations

Cyberpunk had been announced in 2013 with the execution of a cyberpsycho in its teaser. So it's normal that these madmen with cybernetic implants are in the spotlight in a big mission. Here is the list of these 17 minibosses and how to defeat them.

Cyberpunk 2077 All Cyberpsycho Sightings locations

Cyberpunk 2077's 17 Cyberpsychos hunt mission is arguably the longest in the game, and perhaps the most difficult. It must be said that they are all mini-bosses, and although their difficulty isn't always high, many of them are able to kill you by surprise.

Let's start with a map with the approximate position of the 17 Cyberpsychos Sightings, they are numbered in ascending order of difficulty, so it's better to start with number 1 and end with 17. Of course, you can ignore this order if you already have a high level, and there are also enemies which will seem simpler to you, because your build, Perks and skills will be more appropriate to overcome them. It's the level of enemies that is taken into consideration here. Once in the area, all you have to do is approach a yellow unknown gigs marker and that should be your target.

Cyberpunk 2077

Fight against Cyberpsychos

Try to approach the area discreetly, you should know that you are heating up thanks to the many corpses on the ground. Cyberpsychos are usually very perceptive, or they are lying in wait for you, so it's not always possible to start the fight with a stealth elimination. However, this remains a possibility in some cases. You can also use hack like Signal or Memory Loss to get them out of combat and grab them in the back.

Fight against one of the most dangerous Cyberpsychos
  • The abilities of Cyberpsychos are varied, some fight in melee, others are snipers, others big brute armed. Adapt your approach.
  • One of the best weapons against psychos is hacking, if you play a Netrunner you can sometimes knock them out instantly with the Reset power. It's quick and easy, even if it's anti-climatic. Otherwise, powers like Overheat, Overload, Deactivate implants allow you to gain the advantage.
  • The Skippy Deadly Pistol lives up to its reputation against the best-armored cyberpsycho. Just think about equipping it with a mod to make it non-lethal.
  • Remember, you have to take the psychos alive, you are spoiled for choice to achieve this: Use a non-lethal hacking power, throw an EMP grenade, use a blunt weapon, use your fists, perform a non-lethal back elimination, equip a non-lethal mod on your weapons, or equip a non-lethal combat chip in your Kiroshi eye implants.

Original content by Robin "Raiden" Bouquet.


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