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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War VIP Escort Guide: Ten tips to extract, defend, and win more rounds

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War VIP Escort Guide: Ten tips to extract, defend, and win more rounds

VIP Escort is the newest competitive, team-based, objective mode from Treyarch's latest installment in the COD series. Learn these ten tips and tricks to survive, eliminate the enemy, and win more rounds.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War VIP Escort Guide: Ten tips to extract, defend, and win more rounds

VIP Escort is the fresh, objective mode Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War needs to revitalize competitive multiplayer after Modern Warfare went with series staples: Domination, Hardpoint, and Search & Destroy. The CDL playlist wasn't a problem. It featured intense matches filled with highlights from franchise veterans and aspiring esports stars. The "issue" is that Call of Duty modes, despite the game's massive popularity and consistent sales, tend to be too consistent across annual entries. VIP Escort breaks that consistency.

Learn how to play, master effective strategies to extract the VIP, and eliminate the enemy to consistently win every round.

What is VIP Escort?

  • Mode: Team, Objective
  • Format: 6v6
  • Respawns: No
  • Rounds to Win: 4
  • Round Timer: 2:30
  • Scorestreaks: Disabled
  • Mode Specific: Players go into a downed state and can be revived if the enemy doesn't finish them off.

VIP Escort is a 6v6 mode where one team must deliver their VIP to one of two exfil sites. Teams alternate escorting every round, while exfil sites change every two. The VIP is always randomly selected.

Players are downed instead of killed. Downed players can be revived by teammates, finished off by enemies, or killed if too much time passes. There are no respawns.

The VIP spawns with a pistol, two smoke grenades, two frags, a Field Mic Field Upgrade, and a Spy Plane. All other players use custom loadouts. Scorestreaks are off.

How to Win

  • VIP Team: Successfully extract the VIP, or wipe out the other team.
  • Defenders: Eliminate the VIP, or let the two-and-a-half-minute timer expire.
Call of Duty League Pro Scump from the Chicago Huntsmen plays VIP Escort

VIP Strategies

  • Never lead with the VIP

Even if you're in pubs and no one is using a microphone, don't be that person who sprints forward like Rambo only to end the round in record-breaking time with a quick death. The VIP should stay back, stick to the outskirts, or remain behind while their team scopes out the map and moves forward first. Chances are the enemy will position themselves overlooking at least one of the exfil points. The higher your rank (due to skill-based matchmaking) and the longer the game is out, the greater the chance that both will be covered.

Either send your entire team to the same site or split up to tackle both. If you're playing an overly aggressive opponent, then set up camp wherever you're comfortable because they'll likely come to you.

  • Don't be afraid to separate from the team

While you don't want to be the first thing that moves to appear in the enemy's line of sight, you also don't want to limit yourself based on your team's position. Pay attention to the current player count and note how many people are alive on both teams. Downed players are treated as alive. Ditching your squad to flank the other exfil site is a valid strategy, especially if the entire team is preoccupied with your mates. If properly timed, it'll be too late when they hear the extraction alert.

  • Remember it takes time to extract

Extraction isn't immediate, so it isn't just about getting to one of the sites. The area needs to be safe for a few seconds to actually board the chopper. Snipers nabbing the VIP at the last second are common. Never sprint to a seemingly empty exfil site without communicating with your team, checking the player count, and using situational awareness. Check the map for the location of any red dots and listen for footsteps.

Use smoke grenades as decoys to distract enemies. Throw to a different exfil site to redirect their attention or toss one the other way to strategically retreat. You can also use them to safely extract and revive downed allies.

  • Save the Spy Plane

Many players tend to immediately use the Spy Plane at the start of the round. Instead, wait until you engage the enemy in the middle of the map or after you've downed a few foes. Be strategic and make your only Spy Plane count.

  • You can still win even if you're the only one left

The VIP only has a pistol, but they're far from defenseless. It's still possible to wipe out all of the defenders solo. The trick is to be patient and don't panic. Use your Field Mic in a close-quarters area with a lot of cover, then check your mini-map, listen for footsteps, and move around when possible, but don't stray too far from your Field Upgrade.

Most opponents will likely rush you and assume you're running for the exfil site. Fortunately, you probably won't be against pros, so they won't camp you out (which is the optimal move given time is on their side).

Switch spots whenever you kill an enemy or get spotted. Finishing off downed enemies is risky unless there's an opening. However, leaving one or two might bait revives, allowing you to nail another foe.

Winning solo isn't easy, but knowing it is possible goes a long way toward making it happen.

Call of Duty content creator 402THUNDER402 entertains while playing VIP Escort during the beta

Defender Strategies

  • Keep an eye on both exfil sites

Guarding one exfil site is a big beginner oversight. Chances are the VIP team isn't going to just one location, at least not most of the time. Hold a position in the middle of the map that offers lines of sight to both extraction points. If you get there as soon as the round starts, then you should be able to give your team a good idea of where the escorts are planning to go. Staying in the middle of the map or relatively close to both sites also means that the other team can't sprint to either of them for an easy win because you'll have enough time to react to the extraction alert.

  • Don't always immediately finish off downed foes

The positive reinforcement from score and icons popping up after every kill makes cleaning up downed foes tempting. Don't fall for the temptation. Use downed foes as bait to reel in more enemies. If the other team is good, you'll have to pretend to walk away or "lose" the location of crawling enemies in order to really sell the bait. Teams usually have at least one person that's always willing to put themselves at risk and play the support role.

  • Let the VIP team come to you

Flanking can be a fun and effective strategy, although it works best when your initial tactic is more laid back. The defense wins if time runs out, so let the escorts make the first move. Sprinting toward their spawn is disadvantageous when you could instead set up camp in key positions around the exfil sites. Similarly, getting a crazy final kill can be cool, but you might want to play safe and sit back for the win. You can always get a no scope or something when they're forced to risk extraction with seconds on the clock.

  • Split up to cover more ground

Unlike the VIP team, you don't have to stick together. It's beneficial to be near one teammate for the revive, however, you should definitely split up to cover more ground across the map, especially if it's big. Splitting up also gives your team eyes on both extraction points, makes it harder for the enemy to flank you, and conversely makes it easier for you to get the jump on foes because they might assume most of you are in the same section.

  • Vary positions every round

It's easy to fall into the habit of going to your favorite sniping spot or exfil site. Being predictable is always a detriment to you and your team. People typically remember where you go every round and become wary of those positions. Use that knowledge to your advantage to get in your opponent's head and keep them guessing.

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