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Pokémon GO: List of Mega Evolutions available

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Pokémon GO: List of Mega Evolutions available

Find out the list of all the Pokémon you can Mega Evolve on Pokémon GO, and how to get them.

Pokémon GO: List of Mega Evolutions available

Available since August 27, 2020 on Pokémon GO, the functionality of Mega-Evolution was already known to other games of the license since the generation of Kalos. The principle still changes a little since now you will have to collect Mega-Energy in order to Mega-Evolve your creatures.

To get them, you must participate in Mega Raids. Below is a list of currently available Raids, and Mega Evolutions that will arrive sooner or later in the game.

List of available Mega-Evolutions

Mega Blastoise

200 Mega Blastoise Energy needed


Mega Charizard X

200 Charizard Mega-Energy needed

Fire and Dragon

Mega Charizard Y

200 Charizard Mega-Energy needed

Fire and Flying types

Mega Venusaur

200 Venusaur Mega-Energy needed

Grass and Poison Types

Mega Beedrill

100 Beedrill Mega-Energy needed

Bug and Poison

List of non existing Mega-Evolutions

These Mega Evolutions are not yet available in the game but sooner or later will be.

Mega Pidgeot

Normal and Flying types

Mega Alakazam

Psychic type

Mega Slowbro

Water and Psy Types

Mega Gengar

Ghost and Poison Types

Mega Kangaskhan

Normal Type

Mega Pinsir

Types Bug and Flying

Mega Gyarados

Water and Dark Types

Mega Aerodactyl

Rock and Flying types

Mega Mewtwo X

Psychic and Fighting Types

Mega Mewtwo Y

Psychic type

Mega Ampharos

Electric and Dragon types

Mega Steelix

Steel and Ground Types

Mega Scizor

Types Bug and Steel

Mega Heracross

Bug and Fighting Types

Mega Houndoom

Dark and Fire

Mega Tyranitar

Rock and Dark Types

Mega Sceptile

Grass and Dragon types

Mega Blaziken

Fire and Fighting Types

Mega Swampert

Water and Ground Types

Mega Gardevoir

Psychic and Fairy types

Mega Sableye

Dark and Ghost

Mega Mawile

Steel and Fairy types

Mega Aggron


Mega Medicham

Fighting and Psychic types

Mega Manectric

Electric type

Mega Sharpedo

Water and Dark Types

Mega Camerupt

Fire and Ground Types

Mega Altaria

Dragon and Fairy types

Mega Banette

Ghost type

Mega Absol

Dark type

Mega Glalie

Ice Type

Mega Salamence

Dragon and Flying types

Mega Metagross

Steel and Psychic types

Mega-Latias and Mega-Latios

Dragon and Psychic types


Dragon and Flying types

Mega Lopunny

Normal and Fighting types

Mega Garchomp

Dragon and Ground types

Mega Lucario

Fighting and Steel Types

Mega Abomasnow

Grass and Ice Types

Mega Gallade

Psychic and Fighting Types

Mega Audino

Normal and Fairy types

Mega Diancie

Rock and Fairy types


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