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Ghost of Tsushima: Duel against the Mongol horde boss, Khotun Khan

Ghost of Tsushima: Guides, News, Tips & Solutions
Ghost of Tsushima: Duel against the Mongol horde boss, Khotun Khan

The duel with the leader of the Mongol horde, the Khan Khotun, will allow Jin Sakai to use everything he has learned and unlocked during the 3 acts of Ghost of Tsushima, since both his ghost and samurai skills will be required.

Ghost of Tsushima: Duel against the Mongol horde boss, Khotun Khan

After many adventures throughout Ghost of Tsushima, you will finally get a second chance to face the Mongol general responsible for the invasion of Tsushima Island, the ruthless and cruel Khotun Khan.

This fight is significantly different from all previous ones, as it has two phases. The first is a duel, the second is a kind of big free-for-all on a ship with many enemy reinforcements. We suggest you prepare as much as possible for this fight, by touring the Hot Springs, Bamboo Stands, Mythical Tales, Fox Dens, and Shinto Shrines among others. Upgrading your equipment to the maximum is also a good idea.

Ghost of Tsushima: Duel against Khotun Khan

The first phase is a relatively classic duel, except for the fact that the Khan uses a spear, not a sword. We recommend using the Samurai Clan Armor and charms dedicated to combat, such as the one that enhances the parry window.

We tested the different postures, and the wind (anti-spear) one didn't prove to be very effective. The Moon Posture (anti-brute) was much more effective. The guard-breaking strikes with triangle don't hurt very much, but they allow to break his guard easily, then you just have to give quick strikes or use the Heavenly Strike.

Once the duel is won, the Khan will call for reinforcements and flee.

Final battle on the ship

The following should be fairly easy at this point in the game. Adapt your posture to the enemies you meet and chase the Khan on the ship. The enemies will arrive in waves, while the Khan will alternate between fleeing and attacking. He will then regularly change weapons. He'll normally start with a two-handed sword, then switch to sword and shield. It's better to eliminate the Mongol soldiers before fighting on the boss, but sending him sticky bombs, kunais and explosive arrows is a fantastic way to kill two birds with one stone.

As you are no longer in a duel, all your techniques are available, including the ghost posture. By abusing your ghost tools and postures, you should easily get away with it. Still, remember to go and kill all the archers every time before facing the Khan in melee, it's always a pain to take arrows in the back at the critical moment.

Your objective here will be to break the Khan's guard and then empty his life bar. As mentioned above, the sticky bombs make it happen instantly every time, while normal enemies fill your determination bar. Note that you can use Smoke bombs to chain assassinations.

Original content by Robin "Raiden" Bouquet.


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