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Guide LoL Soraka, Support, S10

Guide LoL Soraka, Support, S10

How to play Soraka as support in League of Legends. Discover our tips to play the Starchild, which costs 435 Blue Essence

Guide LoL Soraka, Support, S10


League of Legends

You will start the game with Spellthief's Edge since you will mainly have to poke in the lane. Accompany your item with 2 healing potions.


  • Boots of Mobility are very useful to provide vision or to accompany your teammates' roams.
  • You can opt for Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you know that you'll need 10% less cooldown for your spells to reach maximum cooldown.

Core items

  • Ardent Censer will be activated each time you heal an ally. A very efficient item with Soraka's kit.
  • Redemption will give you another way of healing your team even if you're far away or dead. If you often are in the middle of the melee you can opt for Locket of the Iron Solari to give your teammates a shield.

Situational items

  • Twin Shadows is very useful to catch enemies in the jungle and can create a panic state.
  • Athene's Unholy Grail give Soraka even more healing potency when she deals damage to enemies.

Playing Soraka

Your goal as Soraka is not only to protect your allies during the laning phase, both your runes and starting items can really give you a strong poke ability while keeping you healthy via your Q - Starcall.

Use this spell when the enemy carry gets closer to finish a minion.

During a teamfight, you are the primary target so keep your distance and act from the back. Try to poke as much as you can with your Q - Starcall and share it's passive to your team using your W - Astral Infusion.

Your R - Wish can heal allies on the whole map so keep an eye on your teammates and help them win a trade if necessary, making money from the assist in the process.

E - Equinox can be used to cancel an enemy gank by either stoping the cast of one of the enemy jungler's spell or by rooting enemies.


Tham Kench

Tips & Tricks

  • Soraka can be very aggressive a combo of E - Equinox into Q - Starcall can inflict a lot of damage.
  • Don't waste your R - Wish if the ally you want to save is guaranteed to die.
  • You Passive - Salvation boosts your movement speed towards allies with low health.
  • Don't hesitate to completely heal your allies before leaving the lane using your W - Astral Infusion.
  • Redemption can be used after death.
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