Guide LoL Lux, Support, S10

How to play Lux as support in League of Legends. Discover our tips to play the Lady of Luminosity, which costs 3150 Blue Essence

Guide LoL Lux, Support, S10


League of Legends

Early game

You will start the game with Spellthief's Edge since you will mainly have to poke in the lane. Accompany your item with 2 healing potions.


Choose the Boots of mobility if you think of roaming to quickly help your allies, or the Sorcerer's Shoes if you prefer to maximize your damage. Ninja Tabi allows you to be stronger against dps based on their basic attacks.

Core items

  • Shard of True Ice will give you wards, necessary to take the vision on the map.
  • You will take Athene's Unholy Grail in order to significantly heal an ally when using your shield, and enjoy cooldown reduction.

Situational items

  • Ardent Censer is ideal if you have characters in your team who rely on attack speed, allowing you to increase their attack speed and damage.
  • Redemption offers you good stats, and an active that will heal your allies in a zone, while damaging enemies in the area.
  • Locket of the Iron Solari will provide you with an area shield to protect your allies.
  • Mikael'sCrucible is a very good item if the opposing team has big controls, allowing you to free an ally from those controls.

Playing Lux

Lux is a champion with a heavy poke and a rather impressive shield capacity.

  • Level 1: E - Lucent Singularity will allow you to easily poke your opponents when they get too close.
  • Level 2: Q - Light Binding will be used to punish an exposed opponent by immobilizing him to inflict heavy damage.
  • Level 3: W - Prismatic Barrier will protect you and your allies during enemy aggressions.



Tips & Tricks

  • Use an auto-attack after each spell if possible to take advantage of your passive and inflict maximum damage.
  • Try to reach your allies with the round trip from W - Prismatic Barrier to overlay the shields and offer them great protection.
  • Use the slowdown of E - Lucent Singularity to facilitate the use of Q - Light binding.

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