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The annual Fortnite Battle Pass cancelled?

Files in the Fortnite 11.30 update had revealed what could have been a unique battle pass for the entire year 2020. It would have been more expensive, longer and providing more rewards. In an interview with Eurogamer, a developer denied these rumours.

How long does Fortnite downtime last?

Update 11.30 has started at 1:00 am (PDT) in Fortnite. The patch note will surely reach us at the end of the maintenance. Find the servers status report in this article.

Fortnite was refused entry to the Google Play Store

The two giants can't reach an agreement. Google has just denied Fortnite access to the Play Store. For what reason? Epic Games has refused to comply with the 30% tax imposed by Google's transaction system.

Fortnite 2FA: How to enable Two-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication

In Fortnite, 2FA is crucial in securing your account, earning you rewards and access to certain features. But how do you enable two-factor authentication — also known as multi-factor authentification? Find out how and why it's advisable to do so in our handy guide.

Arena Duos return for Fortnite Winter Royale 2019

Duos are back in Fortnite, alongside a new competitive mode. With the 2019 edition of Winter Royale on the horizon, the two-player mode is once again available in Epic Games' battle royale. It's a great opportunity to train with your partner-in-crime!

Fortnite: Will there be an event at Risky Reels?

Fortnite is not stingy in puzzles and events of any type. The slightest change can become the source of many speculations. This Wednesday's update is no exception to the rule and heralds a future change at Risky Reels.

Bundles makes its Fortnite Item Shop debut

Become a cute polar bear with the new Bundles skin available today in the Fortnite Item Shop on December 6. If you're more into a pop star look Power Chord and Starlie skins are made for you!


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