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Bounty LTM is live in Fortnite!

Bounty mode temporarily returns to Fortnite, one week before the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 2. It's time to reform your squad and go bounty hunting!

Weak points pickaxe bug fixed with patch 11.50.1

Update 11.50 brought lots of bugs, including a console issue that prevented players from hitting weak points in resources. The bug has been urgently fixed via patch 11.50.1, applying exclusively to consoles.

When does the new Fortnite season come out?

Epic Games have confirmed that Chapter 2, Season 2 will go live very soon! The publisher has also detailed the arrival of update v11.50 and a new physics engine for the game.

Bullseye returns to hit you right in the heart!

The Fortnite Item Shop is still in the colors of love with Valentine's Day coming up. With outfits like Bullseye and Lovethorn, get ready to give some love in Apollo Island!

Fortnite 11.50 patch secretly nerfed motorboats

Fortnite 11.50 patch notes doesn't explicitly mention this, but boosting the speed of your motorboat on land — via your harvesting tool or by firing missiles — is no longer possible at the moment.


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