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Season 5: Week 9 XP Coins Locations

Green, blue, purple and gold XP coins are back in Chapter 2 Season 5. You'll find them in different locations on Apollo Island every week. Here's the location of Week 9's coins in Fortnite.

What are the most dangerous places in Fornite?

Dataminer Lucas7Yoshi has developed a new kind of statistical map, which shows where players die the most during normal games. Here's a list of the deadliest spawns points, and the quietest.

Season 5 FNCS: Official Twitch drops and streams

Epic Games have announced different coverage of the FNCS this season. Fortnite Season 5 FNCS is coming soon with Twitch drops and streams — here's everything you need to know.

Fortnite could get vehicle upgrades

According to some dataminers, adding options and accessories to Fortnite's cars could be one of the next features implemented in-game.


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