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More Arcade skins in the PBE servers

Find out regular updates about the PBE patches, the changes in test which will be later implemented in the League of Legends live servers. We break it down from balance changes to skins and reworks.

League of Legends soon available on mobile?

According to several sources, Riot Games and Tencent Holdings Limited, the chinese giant specialist for internet and mobile services, have been working for over a year to develop a mobile version of League of Legends.

Immortals concludes OpTic Gaming buyout

With the Infinite Esports & Entertainment buyout, Immortals Gaming Club realizes the biggest buyout in esports history and becomes one of the biggest esports organizations in the world.

All about the LCK Summer Split 2019

The first week of the LCK Summer Split is over! This morning, SANDBOX Gaming have gone 1 spot upper by beating KingZone DragonX and then, for the second match of the day, Afreeca Freecs won 2-1 over SKT.

LoL Season 9: Yuumi to be nerfed with patch 9.12

Yuumi, the last champion to join the Rift, will be nerfed with the patch 9.12. She has been pretty weak in soloQ, but she's popular among pro players who have seen her potential.

All about LPL Summmer Split 2019

Since June 1st, the LPL started off in China, for weeks of competition between the best teams of the country. Follow with us the results, schedule and matches!

How to watch LCS Summer Split 2019

The North-American league (LCS) will kick off on June, 1! 10 teams in competition for the title, but only one winner. Will Team Liquid hold on to their title in the Summer Split?

Team Pass and Fan Pass to be released on May 31

Riot Games has announced on May 23 the upcoming release of the Team Pass & Fan Pass for 2 leagues: LEC (Europe) and LCS (NA). It will offer a new way for the fans to support their favorite teams, offering them ingame stuff at the same time.


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