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LCS Summer Week 8 Power Rankings: Six teams already qualified

As the League of Legends Championship Series enters its ninth and last week of the 2020 Summer Split, six teams are already guaranteed to be qualified for Playoffs and the four bottom teams are now competing to join the Losers' Bracket...


LEC 2020 Summer Week 7 Power Rankings

The playoff race has seen many twists and turns again last week. MAD Lions and Rogue are the only teams that are guaranteed to qualify — and for the others, Week 8 will be critical...

Play the Best Champions thanks to our Patch 10.16 Tier List

Pair Janna and Caitlyn in the botlane, add Zed to burst down the midlane, Garen in the toplane, Vi in the jungle, and you'll have the perfect roster to win in the current meta. Check out our champion tier list guide for League of Legends Patch 10.16.

Riot Games is taking a week off!

It's been a long year for the studio, and the teams from League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant will enjoy a well-deserved rest next week.

Riot give update on their war on toxicity in League of Legends

Weeks ago, Riot Games tackled the pharaonic task of fighting toxic behaviors in the Rift. After the implementation of the Champ Select Report tool, they're back with new solutions and features to identify and target toxic players, while compensating their teammates.


Riot launches LCK Academy Series

From August, the LCK will host a brand new tournament called Academy Series. The goal? Discover the region's emerging talents...


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